Introducing: The (real) To-Do List

The new watch by Trotha Contemporary Assets reminds you each day what really matters: We engineered an automatic and complex algorithm that displays - every day - one of 31 key activities that are too often neglected in the course of our hectic lives and we could all use more. We are talking about martinis and cheese fondue, a nap on the couch or a trip to the beach. Its iconic form, its passion for detail and its daily advice will make this piece of culture your new best friend. This take on the To-Do List, a widespread concept in our time, works as a philosophical nudge for us and a reminder to take back control of time for ourselves.

The Mission

Unleashed in 2016, Trotha Contemporary Assets is a ready-to-wear philosophy brand based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Our inspiration stems from ideas of thinkers like M. Python or J.J. Sempe, which we implement in watches with entertaining mechanics wrapped in iconic shapes.

Our mission is to create a “Memento Ludi”, a classically styled object you wear every day and that reminds you, each time you look at it, to be more bananas.

The Machine

The Swiss made Calibre 13" Automatic Elaboré Movement is a reliable workhorse to tell you at any given time of the day where you should have been according to schedule and what you should be doing instead.

The 316L stainless steel 38mm case is built around the movement, which allows for a thinner outer case profile of just 11.5mm. A four-screw case back with flat sapphire crystal anti-reflective exhibition glass displays the movement and "ballon de plage" steel rotor.